Smoking vs. Using E-cigarettes


I like to smoke, but I also do a lot of work indoors at my computer, and don’t like to stink up my apartment. This makes smoking somewhat inconvenient, since I always need to go outside to smoke. Moreover, when I get lazy and decide to smoke indoors, I have to use an ashtray, which unfortunately gets knocked over a lot by my pets.

I also smoke while playing video games, and when I’m in a tight situation in a game I’m playing, I might forget to take a puff for 10 minutes and lose most of the cigarette that way. For these reasons and more, I decided to try out e-cigarettes, not so much as a replacement for cigarettes, but an alternative to use while indoors.

To my surprise, I found myself liking e-cigarettes much more than regular cigarettes and eventually stopped using analog cigarettes altogether. Among the benefits I enjoy are lower cost, better health (although some would debate this), and a cleaner, better-smelling home.

So for any gamers or computer geeks who smoke, I highly encourage you to try out e-cigarettes. I started my new habit by buying a starter kit from the famous e-cig store, White Cloud E-cigs.

Quite frankly, there are tons of e-cig stores to choose from, but I liked this store because of the quality of e-cigs it offered. In the beginning, I favored the tobacco flavored cartomizers, partly because it most closely mimicked the sensation of actual smoking. But eventually, I became curious and started experimenting. Nowadays, I like the dessert and coffee flavors like cappuccino and chocolate. The choices are literally innumerable. Whether you buy e-juice, batteries, or cartomizers, always make sure you use coupons for your order. This can save you a good deal of money.

My recommendation is to buy your e-cig batteries at White Cloud, then buy e-liquids at a store like Vista Vapors that specializes in offering hundreds of e-liquids.

I can surf the net, read online, and play my favorite games like SWTOR now while I enjoy the flavor of e-cigarettes. Having to spend less money and breathing better are just icing on the cake. If this sounds good to you, make sure you give e-cigs a try, and buy only from reputable e-cigarette shops like Vista Vapors and White Cloud. There are a lot of cheap e-cigarette vendors out there selling inferior products, and those stores should be avoided at all costs. I had to learn that the hard way myself.

NOTE: Using e-cigarettes can help your dating life too, since your teeth will get whiter and your breath will smell better. For more, check out our article about dating with eHarmony.


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