Buying ink from Inkfarm to save money on office expenses

printer inkDespite trying to go paperless, there is still a certain amount of printing that I must absolutely do. This is especially true around tax season, when there are plenty of forms to complete (see my previous turbotax article for an easy solution). And I always seem to run out of ink faster than I planned. A potential solution is to stock up on ink so I wouldn’t have to order cartridges so often, but the thing that stands in the way is that ink cartridges can be so damn expensive.

So what is a real solution? For the time being, I have three things that I do to minimize ink costs. First, I have begun to purchase remanufactured cartridges. These are ink cartridges that have been professionally refilled by a company. It’s important here to pick a company or store that knows what it’s doing. One time, I bought a remanufactured cartridge on Ebay and it did not work well at all. I therefore recommend buying such cartridges from reputable online stores such as Inkfarm.

The second thing I do is always purchase my ink online. For whatever reason, this seems to get me better prices. Maybe it’s because online stores have less overhead and they can pass on the savings to customers. In any case, I use Inkfarm a lot as I have found their prices to be the most competitive.

A final thing I do is take advantage of coupons, such as this Inkfarm coupon code I used the other day to score some nice savings. Online coupons are easy to use and all you need to do to activate them is copy a cope into the appropriate box during check out. Here is the same ink cartridge coupon I used.



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