In search for the cheapest contact lens store

I am very near-sighted and have worn contacts since the time I was about 10 years old. My first contact lenses were soft contacts that needed to be washed and disinfected with head every night. Nowadays I wear daily disposables from Alcon, and they are so much easier to deal with. couponAs you probably know, contact lens wearers spend more money over a lifetime than people who wear glasses. Although contact lens prices have come down over the years, I am still always on the lookout for the cheapest price. For now, the winner seems to be, at least for the brand of lenses I wear. On top of their low prices, there is usually some coupons on the Internet (like the ones available at that I can take advantage, which gives me additional savings.

Ordering from is usually a cinch, as they do all the verification with the doctor’s office on your behalf. I like the fact that repeat orders are very easy to make and only involved a few clicks. Despite the ease of ordering, you should still make sure you keep a copy of your prescription at all times, as sending a copy via e-mail can frequently facilitate the ordering process. If you order before you run out of your contact lenses, however, you usually will not have to worry about this as there are rarely any delays or problems with your order if you use this store.

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